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Kinds of Cigar Wrappers

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Cigar wrappers affect their taste and overall experience. Finding the right one depends on your taste and preference. They differ in color and each give off a distinct taste ad flavor making them unique.

Here is a list of the different cigar wrappers available in the market:


This type of wrapper is grown under a net. It is harvested before it matures and it is dried quickly. The Claro produces a mild taste and is light tan in color.

Double Claro

It used to be the most popular ...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars

Smoking cigars is not a cheap hobby. Premium hand rolled cigars cost around $2-$28 each in most chops. There are elite cigars though that cost much more than that. As we all know, the better the quality of tobacco used the more expensive it gets. Here is a list of the most expensive cigars in the world: Padrón Serie 1926 80 Years - $30.00 This cigar was created to celebrate the 80th birthday of the company’s founder, Jose Orlando Padron. It is the cheapest premium cigar which comes wrapped in ...

Cigar Friendly Cities In The United States

Cigars and cigar enthusiasts have their own brand of culture. Ask anyone who is into cigars seriously and they will tell you the same thing. If you are looking to experience this kind of culture, there are many cities in the States where you can go. Here are some of the top cities that are best for the cigar lover. Las Vegas, Nevada This should not come as a surprise. In Vegas, everything goes and everything can be had – cigars included. Many cigar related ...

Cuban Cigars – Why Are They Illegal?

Though there are countless choices for excellent cigars, there is no doubt that when the Cuban cigar is mentioned, the heart of cigar lovers suddenly starts beating much faster. Yet the fact is that Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States. Do you know how this came to be? Older cigar smokers may be familiar with the story behind the embargo but for the younger ones, here is a bit of history (thanks to
Way back in February of 1962, President John F. Kennedy established a trade embargo against Cuba to ...