What to Do With the Problem of Smoke?

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    cigar smoke
    Let us face it – one downside to smoking cigars (or cigarettes for that matter) is the lingering smell of smoke in the room after all is said and done. For a couple of hours or so, we would enjoy puffing on that nice stogie. More often than not, we would be enjoying the time with a friend or two. There is no doubt about it – the time is well spent and there is nothing to complain about. However, after the cigars are long gone, the scent of smoke may very well stay. Even worse, the scent of stale smoke could pervade the room for days on end.

    What do you do about this? Well, there is no need to suffer the smell. There are smoke eaters which can be purchased easily from your local cigar shop. These will do very well for the designated smoking room in the house. You could check out products that are sprayed onto surfaces to “eat” the smell of smoke away. However, this would only work if you spray all the surfaces that smell of smoke. If you have a large smoking area, then it might be a bit too costly.

    There are also smoke eaters which function much like an exhaust fan. These are normally used in commercial areas where smoking is allowed in an enclosed place. Of course, they could be quite expensive as well.

    My suggestion? Choose a smoking room that has good natural ventilation so that you can get fresh air in more easily. Clean up the room as soon as you can and make use of the cheaper “sprayable” smoke eaters.

    Do you have any suggestions of your own?

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